Goose: “up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down……”
Me: “Hey Goose, what is the opposite of down?”
Goose: “Not down”

hmmm.  Guess we’re not there yet



While waiting in line at the deli at pick’n save yesterday, Bug turned to the lady in line behind us and started up her own (one sided) conversation…

“Hi, we’re making dinner for Grandpa tonight, it’s a beautiful day today, we’re going to say ‘Hi Grandpa…Happy Father’s Day’, I LOVE your beautiful dress, my daddy had to go to work, this is my sister, Goose, she’s one and a half, she’s wearing a beautiful dress too, my mama put it on for her, we have to get 5 things at the store, but we have all of them already except the Brewer’s balloon, my Grandpa LOVES Brewer’s balloons….well… that’s all I guess *giggle* See you next time”

Pretty sure she didn’t take a breath that whole time, and the lady was trying so hard not to laugh. All she could think to say was, “thank you for the compliments, you are too sweet”….. to which Bug said, “Yeah, I already know about that”.


Bug has recently mastered reading 🙂 Of course she’s still working on it, but for a 4 year old she is really freaking good!! She was reading a book to Goose (almost 2 years old…. already), and trying to teach her how to read….

Bug: Hey Goose, what does this word say? (points to cat)
Goose: cabalabaga
Bug: no, it says ‘cat’…. can you say ‘cat’?
Goose: cat
Bug: Good job… *turns page* what does this word say? (points to dog)
Goose: cat
Bug: no, this word says dog…. can you say dog?
Goose: dog
Bug: Good job… *turns page* what does this word say? (points to boat)
Goose: Dog

It took me a minute to realize what she meant, but apparently it didn’t cross her mind that Goose was just repeating the last word… she thought she was just one word off in the book LOL.


Lately Bug and I have been practicing her sight words to prep for 4K…. she can read over 50 words 🙂    (Proud mama!!!)  Yesterday we were practicing a few she gets hung up on and the following took place…

I held up a card that said SHE
I reminded Bug to make the special sound the “S” and “H” make when they are together and she immediately said “SSSHHHH”.  I then asked her what the word was and she replied, “SHHHHIT”.  (I barely stifled a giggle)   I asked her what sound the “E” makes and she said “eh”.  I explained that in this case it makes an “EEEE” sound and she said “oh…. I remember, I remember…… SHHIITEEEE”.    *sigh

A few cards later the word IT came up, which she struggles with this one and always says “sit”.  Of course she yelled out “sit”, and I had to remind her there was no “s” in this word.  Bug’s response, “oh yeah, I forgot….. this word is  TIT” 

What the heck kind of flash cards are these?? 


Today Bug and I were at a police station.  A man wearing normal clothes (not in uniform) walked by us and we were introduced to him by his first name.  He got a soda out of the soda machine and then left.  A little while later we saw him again and the person we were with referred to him as “Detective (last name)”…. Bug suddenly realized he was a Detective and remembering that he got a soda earlier , she said, “YAY! He found the soda…. He soooooolved the mysteryyyyyyy”   LOL.  Great Detective work! 🙂


Bug was at the table eating lunch, which of course means Goose was right next to her trying to reach her plate.   Bug began to panic, as always.

Bug: Mama look, Goose is going to get my plate.
Me: No she’s not, she’s fine. 
Bug: No no no, mama, you have to get her.
Me: Bug, calm down, has Goose ever reached your plate before??
Bug: No, but one of these times she is going to get it, and then I’ll be sad…. and hungry….. REALLY hungry…… and I’ll cry.  *sigh* How many times do I have to tell you? 

Drama much?